For the love of music

Common mission

For the love of music

Brisbane-based indie-pop band ‘Hey Geronimo’ is a bundle of energy, both on stage and off it. 

Formed in 2011, the band comprises of Pete Kilroy (guitars, vocals), Bill Bingley (bass, vocals), Ross Pearson (guitars, vocals), Chris Yates (keyboards) and Tony Garrett (percussions). A happy-go-lucky bunch with two EPs to their name, they spoke to Metrolife after performing at ‘NH7 Weekender’ as part of the ‘Aussie BBQ’. 

About their Bangalore experience, Pete says, “It was absolutely amazing performing here. The only thing that we had heard was that everybody’s going to have a great time in India and it was everything we thought it would be.” 

While each of the members has a full-time jobs, they pursue music purely for the love of it. “My boss thinks I’m sick right now. He doesn’t know I’m touring India,” reveals Ross.

 Elaborating the songwriting process, he adds, “All our songs are written in the middle of the night when we’re sleep deprived. We have a rule that the songs have to be fun to play on stage. We don’t want to go out there and be too serious because people watching us want to have a good time.”

One would imagine that the music is written in a jam room or studio. But the band says that most of the magic takes place in their bedrooms. “Each of us works on a song at home and brings it to the band room. That’s where everyone gets to throw in their ideas. Because we’ve so much in common, it’s never too far apart,” shares Tony. He adds, “It’s less of a collaborative process than a collaborative editing process.”

If one followed the independent music scene in Australia, the fact that bands there are making happier music than in other parts of the world would be apparent. Explaining this trend, Ross says, “A lot of bands have the same vibe as we do. But that’s the Brisbane sound. I guess it’s just the laid-back lifestyle. The weather’s really good and everyone’s usually in a good mood, which reflects in the songwriting. For instance, you wouldn’t hear this kind of music in London. In Brisbane, we wake up every morning and the sun is out and there’s nothing to complain about.”

Ask them what the best part about this side career is and Pete replies, “I think music brings out all aspects of oneself – you have to extend your own barriers to be good at it. Plus, you get to come to India! If we weren’t a band, we wouldn’t be here,” he wraps up.

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