A violent, vigilante romantic thriller

A violent, vigilante romantic thriller

Ivan Vera Maathiri
Tamil (U/A)  ¬¬
Cast: Vikram Prabhu,
Surabhi, Ganesh
Venkatraman, Vamsi
Krishna, Hariraj
Director: M Saravanan

He is different. So goes the title. Woefully he is not. Neither him nor the narrative have nothing new to tell or touch upon. Much against the claims, of its director and title, Ivan Vera Maathiri seeks to be different only to deceive.

Trying his luck at turnstiles after two year haitus, his previous enterprise being Engeyum Eppodum, director Saravanan can do wishful thinking his latest offering of striking success as his last. Of course, his trademark touch is there.

Other than few cosmetic makeover Ivan Vera Maathiri is your routine action-surcharged romantic thriller where the hero takes things into his hands to rid society of its scum and social ills.

For, according to him, none can trust the establishment or the police to render justice to harassed citizens. Several such fares have earlier like Ajith’s Citizen have lit the screens.
The film’s only grace is the charming presence of debutant Delhi-import Surabhi who plays Malini love interest of Vikram Prabhu providing whiff of freshness to heroine’s part with her cherubic smile, genteel, innocent grace.

The other is two evocative, excellently executed enchanting, melodious numbers by Madhushree with her enthralling voice Enna Maradheen and mesmerising and beautiful Thanimayile by Anand Aravindakshan Nivas. A bit of technical gloss editing by Sreekar Prasad and cinematography by Sakthi, add bit of sheen.

Otherwise, Ivan Vera Maathiri is your been there seen that deja vu drama done a dozen times.

Exhorting nonchalant, modern day young men to take on the establishment rather than be cynical and stoical about the suffocating system and strive to stem the rot, the film, takes is plotline from real life incident wherein students with strong political clout at a Chennai Law College went on rioting spree resulting in death of three students.

Kicking off on a promising note, Ivan Vera Maathiri  spotlights on a jobless Gunasekharan taking into custody Easwar a deadly criminal, released on parole, the brother of local law minister. The film purports audiences to believe that is Guna’s way of trying to make the law minister pay for the death of three students.

Further, Guna has larger agenda as well, forms the fulcrum of the film which careens towards its electrifying, cataclysmic climax. Lest one belief there is no law, you have, a daring, dashing and squeaky clean Special Investing Officer ACP Aravindan fighting his own battle with the baddies.

With emphasis on derring-do action and less on sedate, sensibly scripted storytelling, Saravanan renders Ivan Vera Maathiri mundane mayhem than soulful saga soothing to the senses. Ivan Vera Maathiri pitifully falls short of expectations.  

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