Winners reluctant to fight another round, losers want to try their luck

The possibility of an Assembly re-poll in Delhi has evoked mixed feelings among leaders in the BJP and the Congress.

While some winners are not sure about being lucky enough the next time, some candidates who lost see another election as a chance to try and woo the voters again.
Officially, the new legislators towed their party’s line but there were signs of anxiety on what the outcome in a re-poll would be. The MLAs from the AAP sounded the most confident about getting re-elected in fresh elections.

A few MLAs who have won in the just concluded elections do not want another trial of strength so soon as it would bring with it a huge financial implication – each candidate spends up to Rs 14 lakh in campaign.

Asif Mohd Khan, a Congress legislator from Okhla, said he would not like an early re-poll. “Each election means spending of money on campaign,” he said.

“Also, for almost a month, the entire city is disturbed due to electioneering,” he said.
“However, if there is an election and the party tells me to fight, I will do it to the best of my capability,” said the second-time legislator.

BJP’s Mohan Singh Bisht, who was elected from Karawal, said he was ready to fight again as this is what the party direction is.

“I have worked for the people of my constituency and I am not afraid of seeking another mandate from people,” said Bisht.  

 BJP’s candidate Ajay Malhotra, who lost to the AAP candidate, said an early re-poll will be a mentally and physically taxing exercise which, as an individual, he would not want so soon.

“Personally speaking, I am not keen on recontesting due to the financial implications,” he said.

AAP legislator from Patparganj Manish Sisodia is confident of once again winning the seat, if a re-poll takes place. “We are ready to prove our popularity once again,” he said.
Defeated Congress candidate from Sangam Vihar, Jag Parvesh Kumar, saw the possibility of a re-poll as an opportunity.

“We will get another chance to highlight the achievements of the Congress-led Central and Delhi government. If we could not convince the voters for some reason, now we can make amends and win,” he said.

A Congress legislator admitted in private that there is no surety that the AAP would spare them in a re-poll. “As it is our party’s strength in the Assembly is down from 43 to eight. Who knows if our tally falls further in the re-poll,” he said.

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