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The Siege — The Attack on Taj

Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-ClarkPenguin, 2013, pp 319, 499

On 26 November 2008, four terrorists entered the Taj Mumbai and took over the hotel. What followed was nearly three days of terror as the world watched the great hotel go up in flames. Now comes the ultimate account of that attack. 
The innocence gameMichael HarveyBloomsbury, 2013, pp 241, 599

For three graduate students, the exclusive innocence seminar at the nation’s most esteemed journalism school is supposed to teach them how to free the falsely accused from prison. Little do they know the most important lesson they’ll learn is how to stay alive. 
Getting MoreStuart DiamondPenguin, 2013, pp 386, 399

You’re always negotiating. Whether making a business deal, talking to friends or booking a holiday, negotiation is on. And most of us are terrible at it. In this book, Diamond reveals the secrets behind getting more in any negotiation — whatever ‘more’ means to you. 
DomechildShiv RamdasInked, 2013, pp 382, 299

In the city, where machines take care of everything, lives Albert, an ordinary citizen with an extraordinary problem: He’s being blackmailed into becoming the first person in living memory to actually do something. What begins as a chance encounter with an outlaw child swiftly spirals out of control.
Art of life — Timeless Wisdom from the GitaJ S MishraRupa, 2013, pp 282, 295

The Bhagavad Gita, popularly known as the Gita, is the Sacred Song of God. This book offers a clear understanding of the profound wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita, in simple and lucid language.
My Notorious life by Madame XKate ManningBloomsbury, 2013, pp 438, 499

Axie Muldoon, the headstrong daughter of Irish immigrants, forced to beg for pennies as a child on the brutal streets of New York City, grows up to become the most successful and controversial midwife of her time. She rises from gutter to glitter of the 5th Avenue. Coolie Woman — The Odyssey of IndentureGaiutra BahadurHachette, 2013, pp 274, 599

In 1903, a Brahmin woman sailed from India to Guiana as a ‘coolie’. Pregnant and travelling alone, this woman, like so many of the indentured, disappeared into history. Now her great-granddaughter embarks on a journey intothe past to find her.

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