Music and your child

It has been proved that music has therapeutic values. Right from the time the baby is in the womb, the growing foetus should be exposed to good and pleasing music. Science has proved that the baby in the womb can listen through the mother.

 Perhaps, this is the reason why pregnant women were exposed to music during their confinement in the past in functions deliberately designed for the same. Once the child is born, the infancy of the child is punctuated with lullabies all over the world.

 Nowadays, music systems and CD players are standing in place of the mother’s crooning. But the central idea of exposing the infant to music is to soothe its nerves and have calmness descend on it after a bout of crying. But once the child grows into a toddler, most parents lose track of exposing the child to music methodically. 

Usually, it is the child which starts fancying a certain genre of music and not much is done to alter or encourage the child’s taste.

Today, music at best means film or album music to the growing youngsters. They relish loud and fast music with insensible and sometimes crass lyrics. 

Perhaps, if parents introduce the child to classical music, a lot of aspects of the child can be honed. If the child has innate talent for the aural skill he/she may pursue it. Otherwise, the child can be encouraged to learn to play on a musical instrument of his/her choice.

Learning any type of classical music be it Carnatic, Western or Hindustani will introduce the learner to an amazing world of music. It will be an eye-opener for them to know that there are infinite possibilities to use the seven basic notes of music in various permutations and combinations.  They will imbibe a sense of time (tala/beat) and precision in the course of learning. They will understand the science and mathematics behind classical music. 

Once they grasp the subtle nuances of the basics, they will be able to adapt to any other genre of singing such folk, pop, ghazals — the list is endless. If you have observed the track record of famous singers across the globe, you will find that most of them have at least fundamental knowledge of classical music. It is indeed heartening to note that great people from other walks of life and professions have been greatly influenced by the knowledge of classical music.

Elementary understanding of classical music will certainly help individuals imbibe a sense of sensitivity, discipline, respect for culture and creativity in your child, which will go a long way in developing his/her personality.

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