Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Yuva utsava

It is a welcome sign and heartening to note that several organisations are conducting young musicians’ festivals every year to encourage upcoming artistes.

Like a few other institutions of the City, the Nadajyothi Sri Thyagaraja Swamy Bhajana Sabha also organises “Yuvotsava” every year. This year a two-day music festival in memory of Vidwan Mageri Ramachandra was also held on the occasion last week in collaboration with the Ananya. Three budding artistes G Karthik (vocal), Priyanka C Prakash (vocal) and Anoor Vinod Shyam (percussion) – were conferred with the “Ananya Nadajyothi Kala Prathibha Puraskar.”

Priyanka Prakash, who sang here on Sunday evening, is not a new name to connoisseurs of Bangalore. Being a disciple of veteran musician Neela Ramgopal, she has received a very good training and has performed in a few sabhas and sammelans already. A recipient of some prizes, the recent one being the “Maharajapuram Santhanam Award” from the Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai.

In her current concert, Priyanka brought a true concert atmosphere with several familiar melodies. 

Popular compositions anchored well to the lilting gait to leave a lingering effect. The finale came in the form of raga, thana and pallavi. Thodi raga and thana pleased the audience gathered in small number and the pallavi set to Thishra Triputa, with Ateetha edupu (Rama Mantrava Japiso) had ragamalika. Swara also in Behag, Revathi and Jonpuri. 

The ragabhava was marked for its clarity, trough falling short in its enduring quality. Earlier, her Kaapi raga was also appealing and concluded with a thillana in Maand, of Lalgudi Jayaraman. Priyanka is young enough to receive higher training and her career is worth watching. Another teenager – R Tharun (student of T S Krishnamurthy) will be able to match – especially the pallavi – with sustained training and stage experience, while Anoor Vinod Shyam (son of Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma) on mridanga, accompanied with good anticipation.
Promising dancer

Meenakshi Prasad who gave a dance recital for “Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme,” is a student of Keshava Nritya Shala. She has completed the ‘Ranga Pravesha’ under the direction of H R Keshava Murthy, veteran teacher in 2006 and has taken active part in many dance dramas of the Shala. An MBA graduate, Meenakshi is continuing her training under B K Shyam Prakash from some time now.

After the usual Pushpanjali and Shabdam (Swathi Tirunal), she chose the Huseni varna as the piece de resistance of the programme. The nirtta was emphasised, though her Abhinaya tended to be a trifle dramatic. A Jayadeva Astapadi (Haririha Mugda) and a devaranama (Hari Kunida – Yaman Kalyan) – were performed gracefully and concluded with a thillana of M D Ramanathan. With a good stage presence and pleasant face, Meenakshi performed with ease and assurance. No doubt Meenakshi Prasad has a good future in the years to come.

The young dancer was well supported by Guru Shyam Prakash (natuvanga), Bharathi Venugopal (vocal), Janardhan (mridanga) and Vivek (flute).Mysore V Subramanya

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