Breaking all boundaries

Breaking all boundaries

Breaking all boundaries

A ska concert by the French band Flagas’k was organised at the Alliance Francaise recently. With an almost packed venue, the concert saw a crowd comprising children and the elderly. What stood out was the energy of the performers and the audience, which kept the ambience alive.

While calling out to the audience to come forward and dance to the band’s beats, Flagas’k’ made sure that the audience members were clapping to the beats.

In the midst of each piece, one could see the band members swaying to the notes and dancing with gaiety, while the lead guitarist jumped on the stage at regular intervals.The audience also danced to some songs.

The concert saw a mix of different pieces like ‘President’, Enfants Modernes, I Monde, No Me Importa, Merci Bonsoir and ‘Story Off’.

It was a fun-filled experience to see how the mood and expressions of the performers changed with each number, making the concert not just a musical but a visual delight also. The lights and the acoustics of the auditorium also added to the performance. The audience kept asking for more numbers even after the band concluded the performance.

Sudarshana, a music connoisseur, said, “The music that they presented were both lively and pleasant and made everyone unwind.

With stress-filled schedules, it’s a rare chance to get such fun and quality music and
for free.”

Some said that it was surprising to see such energy despite language barriers. “Not all the performers knew English yet they tried to make a connection with the audience. It was amazing to see how the crowd build a rapport with the performers and how none of us realised that it was time to end the performance,” said Dhinesh P, a software engineer.

Antoine Laveau, vocalist and guitarist, said that their Indian tour was a ‘tour of learning new things’. He shared, “When we came to India, we were not sure how the Indian audience would react to our music, which is a collaboration of reggae and ska. But music cuts through all boundaries and that is what we learnt here.”