'I see everyone as a competition'

'I see everyone as a competition'

'I see everyone as a competition'

Touted as one of the most bankable commercial heroes of the Kannada film industry, actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has absolutely no regrets about the kind of movies he has signed this year.

His movie ‘Whistle’ may have not created waves at the box-office but his next few films, be it Ayya 2 or Chandralekha, have already created a buzz among his fans. And now, the actor is looking forward to closing the year with a bang as well.

Though the year has seen the entry of many new and promising faces, one wonders if Chiranjeevi finds any of them a competition.

“Whether they are new or old in the industry, I see everyone as a competition. But there is healthy competition as each one makes you do better in your own movies. Ultimately, it’s the survival of the fittest and we have to give our best in each film,” he adds.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of film, Chiranjeevi says that it’s a gamble.
“You never know what will work with the audience. But as an actor, you have to have confidence in your director, his vision and the story,” he says.

And that’s exactly what happened when he signed on two movies with director Om Prakash Rao. Though Chandralekha is a remake of a Telugu movie, Chiranjeevi says that Om Prakash has added his own touch to the characters.

“I play an easy-going guy, who changes after he was cheated by the love of his life. I have played the romantic character and even the action-hero and loved them both. I have always liked doing different kinds of roles. Most people like to see me as a commercial hero and I don’t want to change that as I like being known as one,” he adds.

Chiranjeevi has also signed on Ayya 2 and says that it has no relation with the popular Kannada film Ayya. “In this film, I have seen a different side of Om Prakash. The movie is yet another commercial entertainer but with a twist. It is not a remake or a sequel to the earlier movie,” adds Chiranjeevi, who will soon start working on Samrat.