Making the right choice

Making the right choice

Radio Jockeys

Making the right choice

This was the first of the series, where icons from the industry spoke about their personal and professional experiences, in their careers as Radio Jockeys (RJ) and Disc Jockeys (DJ).

The experts spoke to a group of students, who had gathered there to get first hand information from the RJs and DJs themselves. There was a question and answer round where RJ Anjaan, DJ Ivan, DJ Chico, DJ TT, RJ Rakesh and RJ Prithvi cleared the myths and doubts which the young crowd had about both these fields.

“I have been in this industry for16 years. I joined because I love music and used to do break dance. Nobody at home liked what I wanted to do and there were restrictions but I had made up my mind. I don't feel that I have worked a single day. If you make your job your hobby then you’ll never get tired of it,” exclaimed DJ Ivan, one of the first and most famous DJs of India.

Radio One RJ Prithvi was also present there and was giving tips on how to get into the radio industry and the dos and don'ts of radio. “I’m in this profession by accident. I pursued tennis for 12 years and was miserable at it. Just when I was about to join my father’s business, I auditioned for AIR and got selected. I have been in this industry for seven years and it pays well,” he said.

Rakesh, who is the producer for RJ Prithvi’s morning show said, “Speaking in front of the mic is not the only job the radio industry offers. There are other aspects like production, script writing, jingles, making advertisements etc. You can either be the king (RJ) or the king-maker (producer of the show). Any job given to you should be taken, do internship, sing jingles, create characters. Who knows that maybe these characters might become more famous than the RJs.”

T Sprihi, a student from Kolkata wanted to know whether a career as an RJ/DJ is a short-lived one. “I have finished my degree and I’m looking forward to a career as a RJ/DJ. But my parents told me that it is a short one. But after seeing these stars, who have been here for more than a decade, I’m confident about my future,” she said.