Happy in women's company

Happy in women's company

Different Shades

Happy in women's company

Actor Tharun Chandra seems to be climbing the ladder of success slowly and steadily. With one of his movies, Love Guru crossing borders and his latest film Parichaya having just hit the screens, one can see that with each film he has improved and is consciously moving towards more mature roles.

But what is very important to this energetic actor is the fact that he relates to the role deeply, whether as Pratham, the introvert from a village who is  discovering city life, or Jay, an extrovert deejay.

“When a role resembles real life then it is far easier to connect to it and it also helps bring out different shades in the character,” he says.  In his latest film, Tharun had to work on his look as a stylish deejay. To prepare for this role he went pub hopping and interacted with a few resident deejays.

“It was a lot of fun. I  wanted to see what their life was really like and I even learnt how to handle their equipment,” he adds.  Interestingly, when Tharun started shooting for this movie he was also wrapping up Love Guru. “Since both roles were complete opposites, I had to constantly change my look and switch characters in the process. That was a big challenge for me,” he explains. Overcoming these challenges was a learning experience and he credits his directors for that. “Each director helps discover a new part of your personality which helps you as you proceed,” he says.           

In both his recent films, there are two heroines and he plays the role of a lover boy. “Working with two heroines was fun,” he laughs while adding, “It’s not something I chose but people enjoy such stories.”

So does that mean he will be stuck doing love stories? “It all depends on what opportunities come my way. I am looking forward to different roles, either as a lover boy or something very different. I am game for anything,” he signs off.