The joy of sharing

The joy of sharing


The joy of sharing

The ‘Festival of Joy’ is fast approaching and expats in the City are eagerly awaiting it.
While some of them are returning to their native countries to celebrate Christmas with family, others are heading out on vacations.

And the rest of them are keen on recreating and enjoying the festive season right here just as they would back home. They have started sprucing up their homes, inviting friends over and bonding over Christmas ham and pudding.

Ema Trinidad from the Philippines says, “Back home, we start preparing
for Christmas right from September. Our celebrations commence and continue through the months ending with the letters — ‘er’. We put up a Christmas tree and decorate it. We wait for four months for the festival.”

   When the clock strikes 12 on Christmas, Ema says the family gathers to open its gifts.
“Some family and friends buy gifts in advance and give them to us. But we put them under the tree and wait for the midnight of Christmas Eve.

The most exciting moment is when we open our gifts,” she explains, adding, “Christmas is celebrated in different ways in different countries. Many in the United States of America open their gifts on Christmas morning.” 

Sandra Leisa, from Ghana who is married to a Britisher, says that it is that time of the year when the family comes together and counts its blessings. “It is really an exciting time for us. As a family, we enjoy the festive season.

At the same time, we pray for peace and joy,” says Sandra. Fredrik Liverfos is from Switzerland and will be celebrating the festival with his family and friends. He says that he is looking forward to the Christmas delicacies.

“It’s my last Christmas in Bangalore. That’s why I have decided to spend it here. And the weather is so good. Who would want to miss out on it?” he smiles. “The Christmas ham and sausages are what I am eagerly waiting for. My brother and friends will also be here,” he adds.

Aki Furue from Japan says that though her family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, she likes to get together with friends and go out.  “Like every time, this time too I will be calling my friends for a Christmas party. It’s an occasion to eat something  special. As expats, we feel the need to recreate the festive spirit,” she explains.  

Others like Maria from the United Kingdom, who lives with her family here, says that the real spirt of Christmas is sharing and caring.

Ensuring that her family does its bit of voluntary work, Maria says, “There is no greater joy than sharing and caring. Every year, I make sure that my children visit an orphanage and donate clothes. And this year too, we want to spread happiness and cheer.”