Expats get ready for X'mas festivities in Delhi

Away from home

The aroma of freshly baked cakes coming out of the oven inside the kitchen as snow settles itself on the pine trees outside the home, is a common image that the mind conjures as Christmas approaches.

Just like Diwali and Holi are compelling reasons for native Indians to come back home and celebrate the festival with their family and friends, it is Christmas that beckons all expats back to their respective countries.

However, due to professional commitments or personal attachments, not all expats are able to go back, with some even preferring to stay back in India for the big festival in the Christian calendar. But this in no way lessens their joy of celebrating Christmas here, for the festival remains the same complete with its message of ‘peace
on earth and goodwill towards men’.

Take for instance Fernanda Hesco who feels that Christmas, “Is not only about staying in Mexico (her homeland) with my family. I know it’s important, but the festival for me is about living the special moments,” exclaims the successful model, as she prays for one more year of healthy and prosperous life.

Like her, Steven Mick will also be staying back in the City. A native of Romania, Steven is excited about his first Christmas in Delhi though he admits that “It is not easy to celebrate without family.”

Trying to adjust in the Capital, the make-up and hair expert at Blliis by Ravissant says that he “Celebrated Diwali with a traditional puja and exchanged sweets with colleagues. I am looking foward to my first Christmas in the City since my friends have told me that over the last three-four years it has become an integral part of the metropolis.” Preparing for the celebration and festivities, he has already ordered for a Christmas tree and decorations online, to save time!

Not so for chef Bill Marchetti , who is busy whipping up savouries at Spaghetti spree. He has elaborate plans to cook traditional dishes for his guests whom he is inviting for a dinner on December 25.

 “Being an Australian, I have the image of Christmas being celebrated on the beach since it is hot in my country. So I prefer staying in Delhi for Christmas, as
the weather at least is nice and cold!”

As he prepares the list of things to buy for the big dinner preparation, he shares that he will be cooking “Roast leg of Australian lamb, roast vegetables and chocolate pudding for my Australian and Indian friends who will meanwhile decorate the tree.

We will then stand around it and sing carols.” He doesn't regret not going back to Australia since he strongly feels that “Indians are particularly good at celebrating festivals, be it of anybody!”

While Fernanda plans to go to, “Kolkata to celebrate with her special Mexican roommates” and hopes of a wonderful year ahead, Steven has similar prayers. But chef Bill is more concerned about the “Asparagus growing at Palampur. I want them all to grow well!”

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