Royal Enfield introduces the spirit of caf racing in India

Royal Enfield introduces its philosophy of bringing back uncomplicated, approachable, hands-on ‘pure motorcycling’ experience with the all-new Continental GT that brings the core idea of café racing from the 1960s roaring to India.

Designed ground up, the Continental GT is a highly responsive and nimble motorcycle with a lot of useable power and torque for the 21st century motorcyclist - one that is outstanding fun to ride at regular road going speeds. Available in the signature GT red and a brand new shade of GT yellow, the bike will retail for Rs 2, 05,026 lakh on-road in Delhi and for Rs. 2, 14, 043 lakh on-road in Mumbai.

At the heart of the Continental GT is the tried-and-tested single-cylinder air-cooled Unit Construction Engine (UCE) which has been upgraded to 535cc with a re-mapped ECU and lower inertia to deliver that extra punch and responsiveness that is so essential to its café racer character.

Years of chassis development has resulted in a motorcycle that is highly responsive and great fun to ride, thanks to the Continental GT’s razor sharp handling and superior rigidity.

Also, the ride is super smooth across most road conditions and the motorcycle responds naturally and instantaneously to the rider’s body. Café racers of the 1960s and Royal Enfield’s own 1965 Continental GT in particular were the main design inspiration for this motorcycle. It has a stretched out fuel tank with knee recesses for the authentic period café racer look.

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