Volvo CE launches powerful EC220D, EC300D excavators

The new D-Series excavators from Volvo CE offer up to 10 pc greater fuel economy than their predecessors, pack a punch with increased power, offer greater efficiency and operator comfort through a new electro-hydraulic system and improved controllability.

The new D-Series excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment have the strength and durability to take on a range of challenging worksite tasks. With faster cycle times, excellent digging and lifting capabilities, and a capacity for greater productivity, the EC220D and EC300D have what it takes to get the job done in a low-stress, high-performance way — every time.

Increased power and digging force as well as faster cycle times offer operators the prospect of greater productivity. Compared to the previous models, hydraulic pump flow has improved by up to 5 pc while digging force, swing torque and tractive force have increased by as much as 6 pc. In the EC300D, engine power has increased by an even healthier 11 pc.
Each excavator is equipped with a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, which complies with regional emissions regulations. Maximum power is 123 kW (167 hp) for the EC220D and 170 kW (231 hp) for the EC300D.

Volvo’s unique integrated work mode system now includes G4 mode for optimum fuel efficiency and machine performance. Operators can choose from a selection of five work modes — idle, fine, general, heavy and power max mode — to suit the task at hand. For greater productivity, D-Series excavators come equipped with the latest generation cab, which offers users excellent visibility, ideally placed controls, and a quieter, spacious, safer and more comfortable place to work.

Made from thick-gauge, high-strength tensile steel, the heavy-duty undercarriages are built to withstand all the rigors of the job site.

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