Goa, Puducherry top New Year destinations

Goa, Puducherry top New Year destinations

Goa, Puducherry top New Year destinations

The New Year season is just round the corner and Bangalore’s travel buffs have got their antennas up seeking out right tourist destination for celebration.

A recent survey by travel portal, TripAdvisor,  has found that most Bangaloreans are headed to Goa, followed by Puducherry and Munnar.

The travel trends are based on how a majority of people across the globe plan their annual leaves.

According to the survey, travel is an important element of people’s year-end plans that include partying, eating and merry-making. Besides the top three destinations, Bangaloreans also prefer Ooty, Kodagu, Gokarna, Alappuzha, Kodaikanal, Kovalam, Kalpetta, Jaipur, Udaipur, Madikeri, Kumarakom and Chikmagalur.

But travel trends are not just about destinations. Another TripAdvisor survey conducted earlier this month showed that 58 per cent of the Indian travellers admit to taking something from a hotel following their stay.

Toiletries, the survey found, were the most popular among the pilfered items. But worldwide, a higher 65 per cent of the travellers make the same admission of pilferage!
In another trend: “Three in five (59 per cent) global hoteliers and 61 per cent of Indian hotel owners report that their guests often take a variety of items when they leave. The travel survey observed several discrepancies between what travellers said they took and what hoteliers report missing from hotel rooms once guests depart.

Toiletries most taken

Guests are more likely to admit taking items that are customarily thought of as complimentary such as toiletries or stationery.

“However, it seems some travellers feel that the towels, light bulbs and batteries they find in their rooms are free for the taking as well.” Although only seven per cent of the global travellers said they had taken towels from hotel rooms, an alarming one in four hoteliers reported that the towels went missing once the guest checked out.

There are more interesting items on the pilferage list, matching the travellers’ peculiar ideas of what makes a good travel memento. Ten per cent of the hoteliers surveyed reported that clothes hangers were found missing while seven per cent found the batteries removed from television remote controls.

According to the survey, global travellers would like to experience things that are unique to a destination or culture. Thirty-eight per cent of the respondents wanted to explore another culture, 20 per cent wanted to try out the food and 30 per cent wanted to experience something specific to the destination.

However, when it came to choosing a place to stay, travellers wanted their accommodation to offer amenities that make them feel at home, such as ‘TV or film choices in their own language’ (31%) and ‘food from their own country’ (27%).

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