Birds flock Ranganathittu

Birds flock Ranganathittu

Birds of various species from far off places have started arriving at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary for breeding, as the migratory season has begun.

Bird watchers had an opportunity to spot Openbill Storks, Spoonbill Storks, Pelicans and River terns in the sanctuary since the past two days.

About 50 pairs of Pelicans, 60 pairs of Openbills, 30 pairs of Spoonbills and two pairs of River Terns have already made their presence felt here.

Painted Storks were also spotted in the surrounding areas and are searching for a suitable place for nesting. Pelicans have already begun weaving nests above tall thorny bushes, said Lakshmeesh, Deputy Conservator of Forests (Wildlife division).

He predicted that they might start laying eggs by next week. By January first week 20,000 Pelicans, 15,000 Painted Storks, 10,000 Openbill Storks, 7,000 Spoonbill Storks are expected to arrive at Ranganathittu.

Lakshmeesh said, the birds migrate from Bharatpura, Mandagadde and even from Sri Lanka for breeding. Night Heron, Purple Heron, Snake Bird, Carmorent, Black Headed Ibis, Stone Flower too are sparsely spotted here, he said.

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