Striking the right balance

New Chapter

The students and faculty of The Nathaniel School Of Music performed recently at the music school on the occasion of it being shifted to a new place and offering new music courses. The performances included Christmas carols and prayers.

They rendered many hit tracks including the ones recorded and composed by Jason, co-founder of the school. ‘Where Ends Meet’, ‘Back in Time’ and ‘Roots’ were some of the numbers that they sang.

“When we started our school, we noticed that there were many schools offering Western classical or contemporary music. There was a need to bring the right balance. We ensure that once the students enrol, they get a chance to learn all the instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums, along with vocals,” said Jason. 

The school offers 10-week music programmes, which includes both vocals and instruments. In its new venture, the music school has introduced six new mini-courses. The four-day programme will have 10-hour sessions. The new programmes are ear-training, home recording and music production, artist analysis, music theory and notation, song writing and advanced music production.

 Jason explained, “Apart from these programmes, there will also be shuffle class and customised class. The customised class is one-on-one, which will completely focus on one student at a time and the course will be customised as per the requirement of the student.”

   The music school has also opened its doors to international students, who have pursued courses online.

Also, it looked like it’s never too late for one to take up one’s passion seriously.
   Arun, a 65-year-old student at the school, said, “I am a retired person. Long ago, I used to take music lessons but had to discontinue due to some personal reasons. Now that I have the time, I decided to take my hobby seriously.

The energy is high among the students and I don’t feel too old when I am here. I like pursuing music programmes.”

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