The sweet taste of the season

The sweet taste of the season

special cakes

The sweet taste of the season

As Bangaloreans gear up for Christmas, confectioners in the City are all set to add to the festivity with a host of cakes and other goodies.

Fruit cakes, cookies and other delicacies are an intrinsic part of the festival and bakeries and sweet shops have already put these up on display. Along with the usual fruit cakes and plum cakes, many bakeries have introduced a host of chocolates in different shapes this season.

Satish, a spokesperson from ‘Sweet Chariot’, informs that they have special chocolates for Christmas this year. “We have a variety of Santa-shaped chocolates this year along with the regular ones. We also have plum cakes with and without icing and plum puddings. Kalkals, a Christmas speciality, will also be available.

Since a lot of people place orders for customised cakes for Christmas, we have different designs like Santa-shaped cakes or Christmas tree-shaped cakes. Customers can also suggest their own designs and place orders for our other specialities like gingerbread,” he informs.

Many bakeries have come up with their own range of fruit cakes, plum cakes and customised hampers for the festive season. Dinesh Babu, the owner of ‘House of Gateaux’ in Indiranagar, says they have special gift baskets and hampers for the festive season. “We have a small hamper and a big one.

While the small ones will have a portion of the plum cake, cookies, chocolates etc, the bigger baskets will have more Christmas goodies. Rose cookies will be our speciality this month along with other cookies like chocolate chip cookies and Santa chocolates.

Many customers have also ordered for special Christmas cakes. We are all set to meet the demands of the customers and also want to come up with a new variety of cakes and cookies this year,” informs Dinesh.

Many Bangaloreans are also considering the option of baking cupcakes, muffins and plum cakes themselves. Shireen Joy, a homemaker, says she prefers baking the Christmas cake at home every year. “Every year, we have a small cake mixing ceremony at home almost a fortnight before Christmas. My family and friends help me in the process. A week before Christmas, I start baking the cakes, cupcakes and muffins. I also try and involve my children in the process,” she notes.

Sweet shops too have a range of sweets and confectionary items for the festive season. Ramesh Raja from Anand Sweets informs that they have a range of chocolates which have been specifically made for the Christmas season. “We also have different varieties of doughnuts. The badam and pista cookies are quite popular and many customers are buying them for the festival. Most customers have already begun shopping for the festival. Some have even placed bulk orders with us,” he informs.