Exploiting mind power

Recently, on a telly channel, I was watching a science-based spiritual talk, which extolled and expounded on the amazing power of human mind.

Going by a medical research, if we, through meditation or yogic techniques, are able to lasso our mind and try harnessing its optimal power, it’s believed to do great wonders to our physical well-being, besides remarkably boosting mental health. To the extent of even miraculously curing some of the deadly body ailments.

Well, for this, the research explains focusing on three things – dealing with thoughts rightly, tackling emotions prudently and indulging in positive visualisation perpetually. Now, let us consider the first one, dealing with our thoughts. This is all about psyching our mind into thinking positively, all the time. When we try pumping in a plenitude of positive thoughts into our mind, apparently it pervades our entire being, in turn producing profuse  positive energy.

Even when we are hedged in by sudden problems, thinking positively and psyching ourselves, by repeatedly saying that we have the spunk, strength and potential to set right the things, proffers us loads of positive stimulus in keeping the mind cheerful and relaxed.

So, constantly telling ourselves that we are happy/peaceful/strong gives our body ineffable power/strength to combat with both physical and mental ailments. On the contrary, the more we try drowning in doldrums, the more we’d be getting ensnared in the meshes of mental depression, which in turn annihilates all inner peace/happiness, thereby making our body/mind susceptible to ailments.

Next is about tackling emotions. This is truly a herculean task, as human minds are huge storehouses of hundreds of horrific past memories, which the mind keeps dredging up and keeps lugging behind that colossal load of negative luggage. For instance, say, some bitter incident would have mentally wounded us. Every time we think of that incident, those many times we’d be getting hurt. So, we should try exorcising out of our mind those unsavoury emotions, which can undermine our body’s strength/power.

Finally, it’s about positive visualisation, which is believed to have worked incredible wonders. According to the research, it seems some cancer-afflicted persons were asked to constantly visualise that their WBC count, akin to the aggressive cats, were exponentially increasing and vanquishing the rats, which were the cancer cells in their body. When these folks followed this positive visualisation with credence and conviction, they experienced a dramatic improvement in their health, with depletion of cancer cells.
Ultimately, it goes without saying that the power of mind is indeed unfathomable. It all depends upon us to exploi and exercise full control over our mind, thus making it a captive, to obey all our commands.

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