Left, activists ask for more anti-graft laws

The successful passage of Lokpal Bill has prompted the Left and the civil society to ask for more anti-corruption legislations to be passed. Noted social activist Aruna Roy on Thursday demanded reconvening of Parliament to pass the Grievance Redress Bill and the Whistleblower Protection Bill.

The Left has demanded stripping MPs of protection against probes over their conduct in terms of corrupt practices.

“At present, the scrutiny of the conduct of members of parliament with regard to any corrupt practice is weak and unsatisfactory. For members of parliament, Article 105 of the constitution provides protection with regard to freedom of speech and voting.The real issue is how to ensure that this freedom and protection does not extend to acts of corruption by members of parliament,” said senior leader Sitaram Yechury in an editorial to the forthcoming issue of Party’s mouthpiece ‘People’s Democracy’.

“This can be done through an amendment to Article 105, on the lines recommended by the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution,” says the editorial.
 “A legislation that requires further consideration is that if any Member of Parliament indulges in any act of corruption that motivates his or her action in parliament (voting, speaking etc.), then this act falls within the purview of the Prevention of Corruption Act and the IPC,” it adds.

In a separate endeavour, noted rights activist Aruna Roy has demanded reconvening of Parliament to pass two more public accountability bills, the Grievance Redress Bill and the Whistle Blower Protection Bill.

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