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Military Hues

»Military services fashion clothing is being witnessed all around the world. Get the best of military with a modern and creative touch on high street fashion. Military styles come in autumnal shades such as army green, rusty tones, beige and black.

Sometimes pundits in the fashion industry will say that camo (camouflage) is out, but it never seems to go away. Like its true purpose of disguising people, it's deceptive in that even when it seems to go away, it is still there.

These fashion styles can be found in camo-colored watches, functional lace-up boots and dark green jackets.

The styles are inspired from many different countries and their particular battle uniforms spanning over many years. They can also take on elements similar to this look, but become entirely their own fashion piece. By matching a piece of military fashion for men, the styles accentuate a variety of different outfits wonderfully.

Pashmina shawls

»Pashmina Shawl is handmade and hand-embroidered by Kashmiri Artisans who sometimes spend as much as two years to complete just one wrap. These are not only stylish but they are guaranteed to suit a wide variety of outfits, displaying your elegance and beauty at the same time. In addition to traditional black and natural off white, colours include dark chocolate brown, silver grey, shades of red and midnight blue. Some innovative new colours include Gold, sage green and burgundy.

Cardigan for winter

»A cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front. Often, cardigans can be
buttoned, but never tied as that would be a robe. By contrast, a pullover does not open in front but must be "pulled over" the head to be worn. It may be machine- or hand-knitted.

The cardigan was named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. It is modelled after the knitted wool waistcoat that British officers supposedly wore during the war.

The legend of the event and the fame that Brudenell achieved after the
war led to the rise of the garment's popularity.

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