Dressing up the teeny weenies

Dressing up the teeny weenies

Dressing up the teeny weenies

It’s the festive season and dressing up your little one might be daunting you. But with the million options that the kids’ fashion industry is churning out these days, it’s not so difficult anymore, reckons Meera Seshadri.

It could be a splendid wedding reception. It could be a grand birthday bash at a ritzy hotel. It could be a big family get-together... If you are the proud mom or dad of a teeny weeny kid (in the age group of 3-6 years), you’d love to see your little one look a million bucks at any social gathering. Well, thanks to the budding kids’ fashion industry, which is churning a zillion haute couture products for the little things, you can make your kid look nothing short of a show-stopper!

For girls

n Try the bubble dress – a frock with a bouncy rounded flare from the waist region, giving kind of puff-ball appearance. Even tiered peplum frock, which has rows of teeny horizontal peplums, snugly stitched one below the other, is yet another groovy option. For this style, just try scouting for lily-white colour in satin or semi-silk material. Make a cherry-red sash slither around the waist.

n Remember, there are few styles that little girls can effortlessly carry off. Ornamental ruffles, cowls, bows, and gathers are among those styles. Second is the uber bold palettes like tangy orange, candy pink, electric blue and the likes, which look great on little girls, without creating a garish effect. The third is the ultra-stylish noodle-strapped, halter-neck, and off-shouldered dresses that look mesmerizing especially those angels with tubby body and podgy arms!

n Another style option for your angel is the small ornate salwar-kameez dress that comes with an oh-cho-chweet tiny dupatta. In fact, you can get customized kid salwars with spangles and zardosi embellishments, adding a little more bling to her outfit. Then, complement her dress with either opaque smooth-surfaced jute accessories or translucent glass accessories, which are exclusively crafted for children in such way that they don’t harm their tender skin.  

n You can get a miniature version of ankle-length sleeveless gown tailored for your child. You can opt for soft cotton material with paisley or parasol prints, which are sure to make her look like a princess. But ensure that it isn’t too flowy; it might get snagged here and there, causing her to trip over it. Coordinate the dress with small shoes made of soft fabric.

n Choti jeans-dungaree clubbed with swan-white top also looks perfect. If your child feels uncomfy in this, then simply opt for ¾ leg-length jeans trousers, teamed with a short top. On this, make her pop on a small shrug, which will look just as perfect.

n You could try lehengas teamed with ultra stylish cholis. Look for those with kilkari prints, block prints, and foil prints. Tiny jhumkas look simply awesome with this attire. In fact, you get faux jasmine braid too, which can be directly fixed up on the hair for a more traditional style.

For boys

n One of the ultra-stylish party-wear options for little boys, especially if it happens to be mega social events, then undeniably it’s the 3-piece suit. While it makes men look sophisticated, it makes young boys look neat and prim. Just opt for dark palettes, as light hues might get grubby with dirt-flecks and unsightly blotches.

n Another equally good option is the chota sherwanis with push-back styled bottoms, clubbed with a cute stole. But, if you are looking for a more traditional style, then get those small pre-styled dhotis, which can be paired with a chota kurta.

n In case, you are looking at some grungy look for your little dude, then frayed-edged jeans shorts with graffiti-printed tee and a military-printed jacket, with mid-shin high shoes completes this look. If you wish to sober down this rough and tough look a little, then think of multi-pocketed cargos with full-sleeved boat-neck/ rolled-neck/turtle-neck tee.

n Now, if you intend to make your kid look classic, then a white tee, tucked inside blue jeans trousers, will do the trick. A sleeveless jeans-jacket on top and a black belt can picture-perfect this look.

n For casual and leisurely parties, floral printed bermudas, along with a breezy tee will look good. If you would like to add some drama to this outfit, you can opt for small versions of rodeo or sombrero hat. A pair of strap-on chappals, or even hawaii chappals will do.