Who are you from within?

It is important to listen to your inner voice. For it befriends you with your intuition which will always take you on the right path, writes Alvina Clara.

In today's fast-paced world, you have to slow down and listen to your inner voice for guidance. This guidance comes from a higher power source energy and it will never steer you wrong. Self awareness is what truly brings peace and tranquility. Spiritual growth starts with a self desire to elevate your own growth. A constant endeavor to correct self behavior is a must. Everyday spirituality requires a desire to walk your talk.

Connect with your inner self

With all the time we spend plugged in, tuned in, or online, it's easy to get disconnected from our inner selves. Try to find some time each day to think about who you are and what you want to be in the world. What brings you hope, joy, and comfort? What do you care about most? How can you make a difference in the world? Focus on your goals, values, and beliefs. Never deviate from your inner voice. Figuring out what's really important to you can make daily irritants and stresses feel like less of a burden.

Listen to your intuition

Cleansing your mind and really taking control of your thoughts is a sure shot way to listen to your intuition. Follow your intuition, wherever it may take you. When you do this, life becomes a little easier.

If you aren’t sure what your intuition feels like, simply pay attention to that initial feeling or thought that comes to your mind when you meet a new person, or are offered something new. Try not to override that instinct. Think of all the times when you have said “I wish I’d listened to myself”. Trust that intuition and see where it takes you.

Live abundantly in the present. Become intensely aware of what is happening in the current moment, instead of wandering off in the distractions of the past and future. Focus on the now and happening. Nurture your spirit with softer aspects of nature, music, art, or whatever appeals to you the most. This in turn nurtures the feel good area of the brain. Just plainly live. High thinking and simple living every day. That is the mantra.

Go with the flow

Trying to control things our way causes unwarranted stress and strain. By embracing what reality is, and flowing with the changes life unfolds, you will open up to more peace and harmony in all aspects of life. Be easy going, having profound faith that things will gradually fall in place. Be contented with whatever you have. Don’t push yourself so much that you will bog yourself down. Be easy going and never superimpose blocks on yourself.

Be straightforward

Be honest and authentic in dealing with yourself as well as others. Speak the truth. Always. The power of truth helps you create a major shift in consciousness. It entails consistency in the activities of mind, speech, and body. To make progress, say exactly what is in your mind, and do exactly what you say. It discards complexity and deception, both with yourself and others. The life of a straightforward person becomes natural, fearless, worry-free, devout, peaceful, and therefore righteous.

Limit your possessions

When a person does not know the richness of joy and peace that comes from within, s/he tries to fill his/her empty and insecure existence with the clutter of material acquisitions. More possessions give ephemeral glee but in fact create more disarray. When our possessions are few, we have less concerns, worries and fear of losing them. The more worldly wealth a person possesses, the more he is likely in the long run to turn despondent.  Self-awareness can provide a reassuring belief in a greater force or being, and sense of purpose. Be true to your inner being and all needs and wants are fulfilled. And that is the key essence of spirituality.

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