Good governance mandatory for robust growth, says Pilot

Good governance mandatory for robust growth, says Pilot

 Stressing on the importance of good governance for robust growth, Union Minister Sachin Pilot on Saturday said confidence of domestic investors should be maintained before wooing foreign investors.

The Corporate Affairs Minister emphasised that good governance has a direct impact on the economy as it boosts market sentiment.

“We often talk about foreign investments... I for one believe that the first and primarily what we should do is to be keep the confidence of domestic investors,” he said.

Speaking at industry body Ficci’s Annual General Meeting, the Minister said that for robust economic growth, better governance structures are certainly required.

“There are aberrations, there are perception correction that needs to be done,” Pilot said, adding that he refused to believe that India is not going to become a front ranking nation.

“India growth story has certainly slacked off in the last year or two but growth is coming... To make sure that is more targeted, the government I think has tried to make all it could despite the negativity in large economies,” he said.

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