Wacky designs, loud colours

Wacky designs, loud colours

Wacky designs, loud colours

The design team at Pantaloons has designed its latest collection with a twist, focussing on the latest trends and silhouettes, with the season’s key colours — amethyst pink, antique gold, burgundy, graphite silver and black.

Talking specifically about what the brand has in store this season, Nagesh C, head – design and visual merchandising, Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd says, “Our collections like floral grunge, chemical romance, evening dusk and midnight blues are conceptualised to pamper the party-goer with a wide range of stylish and elegant apparel. Our objective is to create a complete look with suggestive ensembles and appropriate accessories.”

Nagesh further states that the brand has attempted to bring an aesthetic balance to the ensemble by creating an equilibrium between cut, colour and design thereby creating a homogenous balance in a specific look.

“For instance, if we go heavy on the bottom with floral tapered pants, we recommend a solid monochrome top. For men, we suggest an asymmetric paneled shirt, coupled with a cropped graphite grey trouser,” feels Nagesh. 

The brand targets youngsters aged between 18 and 25 years. Young people, who are fashion conscious and willing to experiment, form a large chunk of their customer base. 

The many extensive market research and surveys, conducted by the design team of the brand at regular intervals, give an idea of what people want. “We understand that our prospective buyers have a sense of individual style and wear their attitude on their sleeve. We capture trends and hot looks from cities around the world that govern fashion. We endeavour to provide customers an entire look that allows space for personal style,” he states.

Accessorisation is an indispensable part of dressing up. You could wear branded and stylish clothes but if they aren’t paired with the right kind of accessories, the look of the garment will fall flat. Nagesh has specific style tips for men this season. “For men, a light-weight leatherette jacket coupled with a black herringbone tapered pants would look good this season. Sharply tailored party shirts with cut and sew details on the inner placket, paired with twin tone brogues or black Chelsea boots, will certainly give you that chic look,” he concludes.