Amend laws to benefit farmers: Soans

'Initiate agricultural tourism in villages'

The main reason for the youth to deviate themselves from agriculture is the lack of support by the government, said progressive farmer of Moodbidri Dr L C Soans. He was speaking at a session on the involvement of youth in agriculture, at Krishi Mela, as a part of Vishwa Nudisiri Virasat in Moodbidri on Sunday.

There are various reasons for farmers’ suicide, among which the important one is lack of government’s support towards crop loss. In India, agricultural insurance is not given due importance, unlike in foreign countries. Also, a great hindrance is caused by various laws of government. 

For instance, in order to plant or fell bamboo in our own lands, we need government’s permission.

This restriction has resulted in a crisis of incense stick industry in our state. Hence, bamboo needed for incense stick manufacturing, is brought from Manipur. There is a need to make several changes in the law in this regard, to facilitate farmers of our state. Agricultural sector should be open to liberalisation, Soans pointed out.

He meanwhile felt for a need to initiate agricultural tourism in villages, on Kerala model, where youth are taught paddy cultivation by constructing artificial fields.

Mixed farming

Farmers should not depend upon a single crop. By growing alternative crops, farmers can recover crop loss to a great extent. Farmers should carry out agriculture, by effectively making use of technical advancements, he said. 

Water ManagementStressing the need to go a long way in water management, he said water is used excessively, due to which crops are lost. On the other hand, there is scarcity of water for agriculture. For better water management, agriculturists should follow drip irrigation, Dr Soans said.

“Farmers should show interest in fruit cultivation, as a part of alterative farming. Fruits have good value addition. Fruits like jackfruit, pineapple can be processed and preserved for a long time. There is an awareness among public regarding organically grown fruits.

 Also, Organic pest control should be complimentary to the fruit cultivation, he said and suggested farmers to shun inferiority complex. In future, agricultural sector will get due prominence, as the food demand will doubly increase in the next few years,” Soans said.SKDRDP Executive Director Dr H L Manjunath was present.

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