Cold weather keeps walkers indoors

Cold weather keeps walkers indoors

Cold weather keeps walkers indoors

 The cold weather in the City over the last couple of days has brought down the number of morning walkers hitting the parks.

According to Lalbagh Walkers’ Association, there has been 20 to 30 per cent reduction in the number of walkers, owing to cold winds and chilly weather. There are over 2,500 morning walkers visiting Lalbagh every morning. In the last two weeks, the number has reduced to 2,000.

Naik M, a regular stroller, is skipping his morning walks to Lalbagh at 5 am. He said: “In comparison to last December, the temperatures are low this time around. It is better to remain indoors and exercise.” 

Similarly, the Cubbon Park has witnessed a decrease in the number of walkers. President of the Cubbon Park Walkers’ Association, S Umesh, conceded: “There are 2,132 morning walkers visiting the Cubbon Park every day. Presently, the number has dwindled to 1,000. About 50 per cent of the walkers are senior citizens. Some of them have been advised by their doctors not to skip their routine, continue to hit the track despite the adverse weather,” he added. There has been a considerable reduction in the number of walkers frequenting the Sankey tank park, Krishna Rao Park and other lung spaces in the City, thanks to the dank weather.

Pulmonologists advise that while walking is good for health, it is necessary to take precautionary measures before stepping out. “Those suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung inflammation and other related ailments, need to cover themselves in warm clothing, as the weather might aggravate their problem. It was best to remain indoors and stroll within their surroundings during winter,” said Dr A Gopi.

Freedom fighter H S Doreswamy maintained that he visits the park at 6 am regularly and enjoys his walks despite the cold. “If I do not have my daily walk, then it poses a problem. The weather does not matter for me. I have been an early walker for the last 18 years.” The weatherman has forecasted that cold weather will continue to prevail in the coming days. 

“The temperature has been hovering between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius in the last two weeks. When compared to North Karnataka region, the temperature here is much warmer. Due to lack of clouds and winds, the mercury level is dropping. There would not be major changes in the City weather and the persisting temperature will continue till month-end,” said  B Puttanna, IMD, Meteorological Centre, Bangalore.