Going native on ethnic day

Last Updated 23 December 2013, 13:09 IST

It was an eventful day at Acharya PU College with students dressed in traditional wear painting the campus red! ‘Ethnic Day’ was being celebrated and the highlight of the event was ‘Tanzania Day’. Students hailing from Tanzania got a chance to feel closer to home. 

The international students joined hands with others and marked the day with grand celebrations. The day kicked off with students from Tanzania reciting their national anthem.

 Soon, soft tunes filled the air as they recited some local songs and shook a leg. They performed the anti-witchcraft dance, the native dance of Tanzania, and set the mood for the day. Other students, who were new to this culture, kept asking for more. 

On ‘popular demand’ by the enthralled students, the Tanzanian students had to perform the dance once again! Mohammed, a Tanzanian student, gave a brief history of the dance forms and their significance. It was not just the Tanzanians who were seen shining in bright colours. Some of the Namibian students at the college too turned up in their traditional attire.  

Indian students, clad in sari, kurta and other traditional wear, added more colour to the event. They were equally upbeat and enthusiastic as their fellow classmates from foreign countries.  

The international students then decided to treat their friends with some African music. A live fusion music concert was held on the day. Instruments such as flute, shehanaai, taase and African drums were used for the performances. 

Another interesting competition, speaking in Kannada for a minute without using any other language, was held on the occasion. Some Tanzanian students, who took part in this round, managed to communicate in Kannada successfully. 

Mohammed said, “Celebrating ‘Ethnic Day’ in India was a wonderful feeling. I had never experienced something like this in my life. As a foreigner, it was a big delight for me and my friends to celebrate our national day in India.”

Keerthi Kumar, a student, said, “It was a day of colours, enjoyment and fun for both the faculty and students. We bundled up our uniforms and wore dhoti with a matching shirt. Our foreign friends added music to the walk with their sober twists and turns. It felt like we had representatives from different parts of the world.”

(Published 23 December 2013, 13:09 IST)

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