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Last Updated 28 January 2014, 14:06 IST

The Department of Commerce of Mount Carmel College recently hosted the 15th addition of ‘Cross Currents’, a national-level inter-collegiate commerce fest.

The fest had more than 10 colleges participating with Jain University SCMS winning the overall championship trophy.

The fest turned out to be the perfect setting for the gathering of a large number of budding entrepreneurs and corporate entrants. 

 The fest was held under the theme — Sapthaang — which is an adaptation done from the seven elements of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, an ancient Indian exposition on the statecraft, economic policy and military strategy written by Chanakya.

 The fest comprised seven events. The ‘best manager’ event was called Varishta Vyavastapak while the finance event was calle Kosha.

   The marketing event was Janapada, the human resource event was Mitra,
entrepreneurial development was Netri, travel and tourism was Parayatak
and the ‘business quiz’ was named Yukthi.

The events at the fest delved into the relevance of administrative principles prescribed in the Arthashastra and did well to draw a parallel to the modern business world. The focus of the fest was prioritising social welfare over profit. Addressing the students,
chief guest Ananth P Mallaya, CEO of Quantech Origin, urged today’s generation to take pride in the institution they come from and face the competitive world with confidence. He narrated personal experiences which lent a lot of credibility. The faculty from the other colleges who attended the event were thrilled at the way the events were conceptualised. “This fest seemed to have struck a note with every college. It had some innovative rounds,” said R B Vikas, a participant.

Kavitha, a student from Jain College who came to cheer for her friends said, “The fest gave everybody a chance to interact with the best in the market. One got an insight into the latest trends in the market.”

Roshan from Christ University said, “More than winning or losing, we were impressed with the spirit of participation. And it gave us an opportunity to widen our circle of

(Published 28 January 2014, 14:06 IST)

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