Deenabandhu engulfed in silence; students pay homage

Deenabandhu engulfed in silence; students pay homage

Shivarudrappa shared filial relation with his son's school

Deenabandhu engulfed in silence; students pay homage

An eerie silence prevailed at Deenabandhu Institution, here, on Monday, following the demise of poet G S Shivarudrappa.

The majestic building, adjoining a nursery, at the Housing Board Colony, has a huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi in its entrance. It is also one of the important places, which is visited by dignitaries during their visit to the district.

There is a special bond between the students here and poet Shivarudrappa. The institution was founded by G S Jayadeva, son of Shivarudrappa. He is also the honorary secretary of the institution.

Shivarudrappa has visited the institution several times earlier and has interacted with the students, patiently answering their queries.

The institution was engulfed in silence as soon the news of his demise spread. The students, in total silence, paid homage to the departed soul. About 40 boys and girls, who are studying here are from the neglected sections of the society. There is a separate building for girls named ‘Hasiru Mane’.

Jayadeva began his career as a professor in Zoology at JSS College. Later, he involved himself in social service and strived for the uplift of orphan children.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Jayadeva said, the institution was founded 20 years ago and that his father Shivarudrappa supported him and was a source of inspiration.

“The poet was proud of the institution and had a lot of love for the children. He was concerned about the ongoings in the school. He used to mingle with the children during his visit here,” recalled Jayadeva.

He also had a lot of respect and love towards poet Kuvempu, Jayadeva said.
Shivarudrappa never identified himself with any particular community as he thought he belonged to the entire State.

He donated Rs one lakh to Deenabandhu, from the cash prize presented to him when he was conferred with Rashtrakavi award. The remaining amount was donated to an old-age home at Poornaprajna Layout in Bangalore, he added.