Music with a touch of theatre


Music with a touch of theatre

Duo NIHZ’, a musician couple, amazed the audience with its unique rendition of Western music and presentation style at the Bangalore School of Music recently.

With pieces that varied in style from each other, the duo consisting of Bobby Rootveld on the guitar and Sanna van Elst on the recorder, amazed the audience with its music. The unique part about this concert was the theatrical approach that the duo adopted to the music, which also included involving the audience and their responses. The different songs that the two performed in the first set included pieces by Dutch performers — Guajira, Gossip and Veren. 

The performance also included an energetic piece ‘Circus Magic’, which left the audience highly impressed. ‘Champagne Galop’ was another lively piece in which Bobby acted like a drunkard and played musical notes in a hurried and different manner at intervals with the duo moving around in chairs. For a piece called ‘Fiesta Italiana’, the duo performed with Nandini, a young Bangalore-based artiste.

The artistes were enthralled to perform in front of the crowd. Though this is the second time the duo was performing in the country, Sanna had read a lot about India and connects to it. “The people here are able to accept and appreciate our music and style despite having a different musical style,” she said.

Nandini Sudhir, the young artiste who performed with the artistes, said, “It was a surprise that they called me on the stage to perform. Their music is so soulful and can touch any heart, young or old.” She added that it’s always fun to perform at the BSM as it’s like performing for family.

The audience was left in awe with the unique musical presentation. “It was a fresh look at a concert in a casual yet endearing way and the concert was thoroughly entertaining,” shared Vijaya Kumari, a music connoisseur.

Radhika Padmarajan, another western music fan, said that this was the first time that she had ever seen a western concert being presented in such a relaxed manner. “The music was top class and the dexterity of the artistes has to be appreciated,” she wrapped up.

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