Benefits of reading aloud

Relocating seems to have become the order of the day. Whether for studies or employment, everyone seems to be leaving their natives and moving to other pastures.

A large number of youth dreams of going abroad at least once in their lives and probably settling there too. A good knowledge of English is imperative for success under such circumstances. It is the language that binds nations across the globe and citizens across states.

Given the wide usage of English, one needs to know the language almost as proficiently as they know their mother tongue.

A simple comprehension error has lead to many an opportunity being lost. Such in–depth knowledge cannot be gained by cramming up sentences and practicing two hours a day for six months. The finer nuances come with experience and practice.

In fact, parents are making dedicated efforts to increase multi dimensional knowledge of the language among their kids from young age itself. They have begun with reading out loudly to their kids and having their kids do the same. They are swearing by the results too.

While a large number of parents read to their kids at a young age, the habit tends to wear off with time. This practice of reading aloud should not be just for the storybooks and in the toddler age. Instead, it should be inculcated as much as possible into mainstream studies and for as long as the child is capable of. There are many benefits of the same.

Sharpening of focus

Weak focus is increasingly becoming a problem with the younger generation. With the number of distractions available, it is not tough to guess why. Speaking forces your body and mind to dedicate all available mental faculties on the topic being discussed.

When you are already concentrating on something, these faculties get enhanced and the interaction between the mind and voice gets stronger. Also science has proved that things spoken tend to stay longer with us than those read silently.

Better grasping power

Words take a whole new meaning only if their intonation changes. It would be highly beneficial for the kid if it is introduced to these subtle differences from a young age.
This enhanced knowledge would help in a better decision making power and a more confident personality as the child grows and is exposed to increasingly complex environments.

Also, it has been observed that mistakes unnoticeable in a written passage were identified when the part was read out loud.

The grammatical errors, sentence formation gaffes, etc. somehow emerge more pronounced. Thus, the literary and analytical horizons of the child also increase.

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