Multiple trips to multiplex

Multiple trips to multiplex


Multiple trips to multiplex

A scene from Welcome

There are many movie-buffs who watch at least one movie every week in a theatre. Interestingly, there are some who watch the same movie many times in a cinema hall. It’s not because they can’t understand the film after one watch, but because they don’t mind watching the same movie many times. It’s not just the box office hits that are being watched multiple times, but even the average movies.

Vinay, who works in a print media organisation, is not a frequent film-goer. However, he loves a few films and has watched them again and again in cinema halls. He likes comedies and adventures with a blend of suspense. He says he has watched Welcome  thrice in the theatre.  “One of my friends took me for that movie. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t control my laughter especially towards the end, during the dangling house sequence. Later, I saw it twice for its funny  Aamir Khan and Asin in Ghajini.dialogues. I’ve also seen One Man Army, an action movie back to back. Watching the movie was a delight as it is full of martial and warrior arts,” he says.

Some people watch the same movie many times when there are no good movies running. “As I am staying alone in the City, films are the best way for me to overcome boredom. The Kannada film industry was closed when Dr Raj Kumar was taken hostage by Veerappan. Only a few films were running in the theatres  and I saw Yajamaana more than ten times as I had no other option,” says Murthy.

Do they get the same excitement during the second and third watch? Says Ganesh, “There are many films that are just as good each time. I have watched Arya, a Telugu flick, more than ten times in cinema halls with the same excitement. The same goes for Bommarillu, a very different movie. I’ve seen it several times and can recite its dialogues word by word. In fact, I was ready to watch it many more times, but unfortunately, it moved out of the theatres. Now I am watching it on DVD,” says Ganesh.

Many film-goers prefer to accompany different people for each show. Umesh has seen America America and Ghajini many times. “I frequently watch movies with excellent effects, acting and characterisation. I have already watched Wanted twice in a multiplex and I wouldn’t mind watching it again, if I get good company,” he says.