Moods of metro

Moods  of metro

Welcoming the winter chill

Winter is probably the most awaited season of the year. There are many reasons why people look forward to winters, with one reason being the colourful woollen clothing, that can be donned during this period. Our photographer went around the City and clicked pictures of people clad in sweaters of different colours and sizes. 

Stripes seem to be the in-thing, as one lady sported a black and grey striped sweater. Another girl was making an effort to protect her beautiful, white sweater from the rain, while one lady’s black sweater made her orange salwar stand out.

A family of three on a bike, seemed warm even on a cold day, thanks to their woollen clothing, while another family was spotted purchasing shawls and sweaters at the Shivajinagar Market. Looks like as the winter season sets in, everyone is out to strike his or her style statement.

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