'I live in the present'

Actress Hansika Motwani’s film Biryani, opposite Karthi, has hit the screens and the actress goes gaga every time she speaks about her role as a reporter in the film.

“I play a press reporter. I enjoy my work and I think that’s what makes it all the more interesting. I got a chance to understand how a reporter works, thinks and it’s only after this role did I understand that the job of a reporter is not an easy thing. There’s a lot of hard work behind all that glamour,” says Hansika.

Hansika, who has more than eight film releases slated for 2014, confesses that she couldn’t have asked for a better time in her career. “There are a lot of subjects from all the language industries that have been coming my way but I prefer to work in those that have a solid story line. I don’t believe in tomorrow, I live in the present and take things as they come,” Hansika says. 

Talking bout her role in Biryani, Hansika feels that after doing a lot of glamourous characters, this one came as a relief.

“The character required a different twist altogether. One needed to talk, walk and act in a different manner. The challenge lay in interacting with real journalists, getting a feel of the madness in a newsroom and stepping into the shoes of a journalist,” states Hansika.

 She has been getting a lot of feedback for her performance and she says the best one was, “Someone told me that I am the leg piece in Biryani. Isn’t that encouraging enough?” she asks.  

Hansika attributes her success to her spontaneity.

“I am a spontaneous actor. There’s no home work that goes into the characters I play. Once the script is in my hands, I read it and give the character my own twist. I am told that this is what most directors like about me,” she reasons.

Hansika’s only film in Kannada till date has been Bindaas with Puneeth Rajkumar.

“When I come down to Bangalore, people call me Bindaas hudugi. I really like to work in Kannada films but projects in Tamil and Telugu keep me busy and dates are always an issue,” wraps up the busy actress.   

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