Please don't stop the music

Party spoiler

The countdown has begun for the New Year and the party season is well and truly underway!

The young ‘uns are ready with their favourite ‘little black dress’ with matching accessories and heels, while, boys, not to be outdone, are set to flaunt their new blazers and coats. Great food, good music and booze will add to the excitement further. So far so good!
But, how will you feel if after so much of preparation when you  go out on New Year’s Eve to party with friends and want to dance till the wee hours of the night, but end up reaching home at 1.30 am instead?

Sounds pathetic, even unimaginable? But not entirely unlikely if one delves into history of certain events  that earned the nation’s capital the dubious tag of unsafe city. Immediately after the unfortunate December 16 gangrape incident last year, the Home Secretary had issued a directive that all bars and discos in the City shut shop by 1 am. One year on, the diktat continues to be in place.

According to the authorities, this will help decrease the nuisance created by people under the influence of alcohol.  Sounds like a win-win situation for the authorities, but what about party animals and the nightclubs and discotheques who look to make a killing during the year-end festivities? It stands to reason that if the party only starts at 11, there would be no point in calling it a day at 1 am! Indeed, revellers and party animals would never want to spend exorbitant amounts going to a five star club only to be asked to wrap up by 1 am.

Metrolife spoke to few pub owners/managers to find out how this decision has affected their business. Diljeet Singh Bindra, general manager of the famous nightclub Shiro, says, “Post-December 16 incident, the closing time has come down to 12.30 – 1 am maximum. Earlier it used to be till four in the morning in all the five- star clubs. But due to this 30-40 per cent of people are opting for house and farm parties, rather then spending on a five-star club. And this situation is really challenging for us because due to this our business has come down by 20 per cent. Now we have made the entry time at 9pm. People can come early, start with having great food and then enjoy the music and dance till 1am.”

Ameer Husain from Swing, a lounge-cum-bar in Gurgaon’s Ambience Mall seconds Diljeet on this matter. “Post-12 midnight is the time when people want to enjoy their drinks and time with friends. But, with this deadline, our business has actually gone down by 25 per cent. There are people who come after 8pm or 9pm from their offices and want to stay till late. But by the time they start enjoying, we have to close the
bar and stop serving food. Hence, people really get

The authorities in Delhi are going through a tough time handling the increasing crimes against women and, reconsidering the time limit of nightclubs was surely one of them. Unfortunately, this move by the administration has drawn a lot of flak from the young crowd.

Another popular joint Raasta in the upscale locality of Hauz Khas Village is also facing a difficult time due to the time constraint. “The sale of alcohol actually increases post-12 am and the music decibel goes up only after 10 pm, but due to this decision, the revenue has actually come down by 25-30 per cent,” says Joy Singh, co-owner of Raasta.

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