Band with the best

Band with the best


Band with the best

Participants of the Western music competition.

Its annual rock show, Strawberry Fields, and LeGala, the literature and culture fest, have colleges from all over the country bracing up months in advance.

The urge of today's collgegoers to be recognised at the NLSIU events were evident this year too. Students from 50 colleges participated in the LeGala proving that culture is not dead among today's youth. About 55 bands participated in the Strawberry Fields, The events were held concurrently on the NLSIU campus this year.

Most bands played their original compositions. Bangalore-based Frozen Throne confined its music to technical melodies and death metal. While Iron Maiden remains their all time favourite, they compose lyrics around the theme of life. They have christened themselves as Frozen Throne because they believe they’re like one ball of ice that stays together and melts together. Eccentric Pendulum largely plays its own compositions. They’ve chosen to trace a struggling musician’s life. “We’ve written about the musician, his struggles, challenges and his achievements,” says Arun, a band member.  They play progressive death metal. Among the pieces they performed was Sepia Drowned that delved into the initial days of the artist and his struggles.

The Sculptor of Negative Emotions is about the people who criticise the artist and his music. LeGala started with eastern music, which had as many as seven teams participating. Western classical music saw performances from well-known composers such as Mozart.

Literary events such as dumb charades, pictionary and creative writing and art events painting, sketching, JAM sketching, cartooning, mad arts and clay modelling which drew a lot of participants.

Events such as sponge throwing, gossip girls quiz and arm wrestling competition kept the spirits soaring. “The fest is a melting pot of different cultures,” says Varsha Srinivasan, a first year law student at NLS.

Final countdown

The grand finale of Strawberry Fields, the four-day fest of the National Law School, saw several bands compete for the best category alongside the headlining bands — Parikrama and Inner Sanctum.

The five bands which had qualified for the finals were Blacklisted and Armour of God from Chennai, Bridge, Bicycle Days and Solder from Bangalore.

Strawberry Fields was won by Blacklisted. Best guitarist was also from Blacklisted, best vocalist from Bridge, best bassist from Bicycle Days and best drummer from Solder.