For a better, smoother commute

For a better, smoother commute

Is there hope on the horizon for better transportation facilities in 2014? The Namma Metro might be another year away, but Bangaloreans want the ubiquitous autorickshaws to don a new avatar manned by humane, polite, and honest drivers.

All through 2013, the citizens had to endure the brash and rash drivers. It was interesting that of all the Bangaloreans spoken to, very few were bothered about the recent hike in fares. But most of them had a lot to say about the harassment that they regularly face at the hands of the drivers. Sanhita Ghosh an advertising professional, was one of them. She says, "With the hike in auto fare towards the year-end, there has also been a hike in the rudeness and arrogant behavior of the drivers.”

Many Bangaloreans were left dumbfounded through the year, as drivers sought and got far beyond the fixed fares. A behavioural change is what most commuters want, as they had to endure drivers refusing to part with change and getting quarrelsome. 

The completion of the never-ending constuction work of Namma Metro
figures number  two on the wishlist of Bangaloreans. Triggering traffic
congestions across the city and pollution-linked breathing problems, the work had left lakhs of road-users huffing and puffing through the year.

People now want the work to be completed at the earliest. They hope it would take the pressure off the roads a bit and also offer a cheaper and better mode of transportation.

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