Seat swap saved their lives

A journey set out to visit the Gurdwara at Nanded turned a nightmare for Tanuja and Dalwinder Kaur, employees of an IT company in the city.

What seemed to have saved their lives was swapping seats after they boarded the train. Dalwinder Kaur's initial reservation was for seat number 3.

Tanuja's reservation was confirmed as per the list provided by the Railway officials. The fire is suspected to have originated from seats near the entrance of the coach. After they boarded the train they swapped seats, shifting to the middle of the compartment.

Tanuja recalled,  “Our seats were in the middle of the coach. I was sleeping on the lower berth. I woke up to screams around me. I was unable to discern much as the coach was filled with smoke,” she said.

Kaur did not have an easy escape. In the rush to get out alive, a crowd of people pushed her and in the jostling, she got stuck in the toilet.

“A group of people were trying to get out of the compartment. I was pushed into the toilet in the melee and I cannot even remember how, but the toilet door closed and I was stuck inside,” she said. Later, some one broke open the toilet glass pane and she was able to get out.

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