Waiting for tonight...

Waiting for tonight...

Waiting for tonight...

Bangaloreans are all set to welcome the New Year. The party season is here and people are busy deciding what parties to attend. Students are also making the most of the holiday season and are all set to usher the New Year in their youthful style.

While some plan to go to a friend’s place, others want to be a part of the grand celebration with friends and family. Abbe, a student, says he will spend the New Year with family as most of his friends will be busy with theirs. “I will be spending the New Year with my family this year. We have a small get-together at home with our relatives and friends. After a while, we will burst crackers to celebrate the New Year. The fact that I was not there in the City last year during the New Year makes this celebration all the more special to me,” he says.

While some students plan to throw a lavish party, others say that as students, they have limitations and just want to have a good time with friends. Radhakrishna, a hotel management student, will be organising a party with friends. He informs that though they have a limited budget, they will try and make the best use of their resources. 

“I might have work. However, I will try and take some time out for a nice party with friends. We plan to have a small get together, watch some good movies, and catch up with each other. The highlight of the party would be the barbecue. If we get time, we will definitely try out some new dishes,” he says.

As most students have holidays, many are also planning sleepovers. Apoorva, a commerce student, plans to spend the New Year’s Eve at a party with friends and later, have a sleepover. 

“I love this season. Every nook and corner is decorated and party is in the air. Like everyone else, my friends and I have also planned a party. We plan to celebrate the New Year in a grand fashion. Around eight of us plan to go for a DJ party in the City. It also happens to be a friend’s birthday. Hence, we will celebrate it there. After the party, we will have a sleepover at a friend’s place,” she says.

With different kinds of parties being organised all over the City, youngsters are spoilt for choice. 

Students point out that they can’t party late in the night as they have a deadline at home and have to return on time. But that hasn’t stopped them from making plans and they are looking forward to spending time with friends and family.