What have you resolved this year?

2014 is almost here and we are all bubbling with hope, enthusiasm and expectations. Whether it is career, a much-loved hobby or personal life, everyone has plans to make fresh beginnings.

More so, a change in the calendar year is also the best time to make corrections in ourselves which could be anything from becoming more punctual to helping those in need. So which ‘new year resolutions’ are in order, especially for our youngsters? Metrolife decided to ask some.

Preeti Kulkarni, a student of Gargi College, DU, has vowed to save money from the pocket expense she gets from her parents. “I stay in a PG, so that ensures that half of my money goes in rent. But I must admit that I have become very extravagant in the past few months. I am eating out every day and shopping like crazy leaving me scrambling for each penny at the end of the month. I will definitely change my ways 2014 onwards,” she says.

HR professional Ruby Mohanty, on the other hand, wants to lose weight and stick to the goalposts she sets every month. “I have been trying to do that for a while but without much success. But now, I will surely go for morning walks, have more green tea and lesser coffee, eat healthy and on time. Every month, I plan to lose a kilo or two and be down by at least 20 kilos by the time 2015 comes.”

Bharat Taneja has just started a blog but is finding it difficult to update it more often. His resolution is quite guessable. “I will write more often. Whether I have pending office work, household chores, nagging friends or fall ill – I will anyhow find the time to update it once a week. I have to establish myself as a writer. Got to do that.”

Pallav Gaur, a software professional will get himself a new job at any cost in 2014. “I am fed up working for peanuts and for a rude boss. I’ll go all out this year to find a new job. By the end of January, I’ll have mailed my CV to all the good companies I know of and will keep badgering them every month till they finally call me in. 2014 will be a turning point in my professional life,” says a determined Pallav Gaur.

Anjul Garg, a communications consultant has a rather heart-warming resolution. “I will not take cycle-rickshaws driven by old uncles. I feel bad seeing them in tatters and braving the cold and wind to take fat people around. I’ll rather give them 20-30 bucks for free than put my burden on them as well.”

Kanik Kaul, an advertising executive, has resolved to keep the resolutions he made last year, and last to last year, in 2014 finally! “First one of them is to quit drinking and smoking, followed by waking up early on Sundays, speaking to dad more often, become more diligent at work, also get a haircut once in a while. Got to do these before 2015 comes knocking.”

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