Creative synergy that captures earth hues

Creative synergy that captures earth hues

Creative synergy that captures earth hues

Exquisite art forms depicting Earth, its magnificent textures and myriad hues found expression in the creativity of Sudha Pillai, Preeti Thakur Pandey, Saachi and Rajesh Kumar Srivastava at an exhibition aptly titled  ‘Earth Songs’.

Accompanying the beautiful art pieces, Zoltan Orosz, the renowned Hungarian accordion player exhibited his musical talent, adding a soothing charm to the beautiful art scene. An eclectic evening of art and music, the exhibition of contemporary art –pottery, ceramic and terracotta encapsulated one of the important facets of mother nature. 

The four artists incorporated different forms of art to beguile the City’s art aficionados. Sudha Pillai’s work comprised paintings on tiles with an emphasis on nature, women, and various other abstract mosaics. 

Portraying designer kettles in her presentation of studio pottery, Preeti tells us, “Whenever I see a pot, its spout fascinates me. I wanted to bring in elements to differentiate my art pieces from normal kettles. So, I have used elements like bamboo handles in my pots.” Using glazed clay and colouring it in variable hues, she makes her pots look supremely exotic. 

Urli, a bowl-like pot used for keeping petals, found its artistic avatar in Rajesh’s pieces. “I have experimented not only with urli’s shape but also its handles. Mitti ki rhythm hai humare kaam mei (It’s the element of clay that links all of our’s work.) Traditionally urli is made of metal, but I have used stoneware in my collection.” His work also includes wall murals, depicting mermaids, fish and angels. 

Hailing from Banaras Hindu University, both Rajesh Kumar Srivastava and Preeti Thakur Pandey share their artistic roots. Interestingly, Delhi Blue Pottery trust is where the creative energies of Rajesh and Preeti find a confluence as they teach Delhiites certificate courses on pottery throughout the year.

The exhibition, ‘Earth Songs’ is on at Art Junction, The Lalit, till January 4.