Look cool and feel warm in leather

Look cool and feel  warm in leather

It is the ultimate ‘cool’ thing to don and flaunt! Available in various styles – leather jackets have become a fad for both girls and boys. Worn mainly with western outfits, it has made a place in every girl/boy’s wardrobe now. From biker-jackets to simple suede ones, they make a stunning style statement.

Apart from the regular browns and blacks, grey too looks good on a leather jacket and goes well with any outfit. Olive green and deep plum are also the hot colours in leather jackets this year. Our very own Bollywood actors are also seen teaming leather jackets with jeans, dresses and even with an ethnic kurta. From Deepika Padukone, to Sonakshi Sinha – they have made leather quite popular among youngsters.

According to designer Bhumika Grover, “One can wear that jacket to pull off any style or look. It looks good with anything, from dresses to random slogan T-shirts with jeans. Leather jackets can also be paired with knee-length dresses, with skirts along with stockings or knee-length boots. Boots, pumps and ballet flats are the best footwear to match a leather jacket.”

But, how difficult is it to maintain a leather jacket? “It is not really difficult to maintain a leather jacket. Remember, always hand wash your jacket with lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Avoid using rough
cloth or sponges that could scratch the leather. Stick to using a cloth rather than a bath or washing-up sponge, as these scrubbers tend to have rougher surfaces. Olive oil or other vegetable oils can also be used to clean a leather jacket,” advises Bhumika.

We know that there are other materials in the market which look like leather and it is really difficult to distinguish between them. To differentiate the same the designer offers a few tips: “Genuine leathers are made from the skins of animals, such as cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. One should look at the edges of the garment. Faux leather products will have a perfect-looking edge that feels foamy or plastic. Authentic leather will have a rough-around-the-edges look. Also, smell the jacket for the distinct leather smell. The smell of real leather cannot be replicated by synth­­­etic materials.”

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