Kejri strikes chord with fans on Twitter

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has got 1 million Twitter followers and Aam Aadmi Party Facebook page has 1 million likes.

“It was steady before, but after the elections the growth has been exponential,” said Ankur Shrivastav, a social media manager for AAP. He describes Arvind as ‘spontaneous’.

“He tweets whenever he is in transit. He writes as he would talk to me, he is never rehearsed,” he added, explaining the growing popularity of Kejriwal who uses a BlackBerry phone.

On Monday, he had tweeted: “It was so imp (important) to attend office today. We had planned the water announcement. God, bahut galat time pe bimmar kiya (wrong time to make me fall sick).”

“Twitter asks you ‘what’s happening?’. That is what he does,” laughed Shrivastav when asked if he finds Kejriwal more colloquial than other popular leaders on Twitter like Shashi Tharoor and Narendra Modi who have two and three million followers respectively.

Other AAP leaders are also being encouraged to use Twitter, said Shrivastav.

“Yesterday some people messaged Somnath Bharti, a cabinet minister in AAP-led government, on Twitter and registered their complaints. He responded and took action,” he said, while pointing out several AAP leaders are now active on social media.

A team of two people assist Kejriwal with his Facebook page. “They make Facebook posts only when it’s about the party. He manages his Twitter account himself,” said Shrivastava.Kejriwal’s party is also gaining popularity on social media. “We follow basic hygiene principles — make posts daily, post what people want to talk about. Social media helps to reach out and interact with people directly,” he said.

“Our popularity is a reflection of positive energy on the ground,” he added. AAP is also likely to start new Facebook pages for various state chapters.

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