Raring to go

Raring to go

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Raring to go

Remember that cute bahu from Kasam Se, who won many hearts with her dance moves in Jhalak Dik Laja and the mature wife in Rock On?

Today, Prachi Desai has teamed up with her mentor Ekta Kapoor for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, in which she plays a don’s wife.

“Doing a film with Balaji is like coming home. Shobha aunty, Jeetu (Jeetendra) uncle and Ekta are like family. I remained connected with them when I did Rock On,” says she.

Having done the role of a wife too many times, the bubbly actress says that she only took up the part because it had an unconventional shade to it. “I didn’t want to get into yet another wife’s role after Rock On and Life Partner. I am so young. I want to have fun and I keep getting these serious roles. But playing the don’s life partner in Once Upon A Time... was a challenge that I couldn’t resist,” says the actress who is currently shooting abroad for the film.

Before the shoot, Prachi did a lot of homework because her role required her to look like a Muslim working-class girl back in 1975. So apart from visiting Muslim localities, she and Ekta have been catching up on all the video footage and hunting for clothes — all in an effort to gear up for the role.

“It has been very challenging for me.  I have also been doing a lot of reading because the character belongs to a time, I am not aware about,” she adds.
Taking one movie at a time, Prachi says she is in no hurry and will take things as they come. “After all I am young and looking forward to doing roles that suit my age,” she says. Looks like this actress has surely come a long way from her small screen days.