Q:  Does Windows 8 come with a photo-editing program?

The Windows 8 Photos app is more of an organisation program, but Microsoft’s free Photo Gallery app offers more editing tools for adjusting images. It also includes a panorama-making tool and Photo Fuse, a feature for combining several group shots into one in which everyone looks best. You can download Photo Gallery - part of the Windows Essentials collection of programs - from Microsoft’s site at windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads.

You can find other photo-editing programs in Microsoft’s Windows Store or around the web. Although the download page does not mention Windows 8 compatibility, the latest version of Google’s Picasa program runs on the system and is another free program to consider; Picasa can be downloaded at picasa.google.com. If you have a Google Plus account and use the Chrome browser, you can also edit your pictures in the browser.

Q:  How do I hide the text-editing changes in a Microsoft Word 2013 file?

Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature typically highlights the insertions and deletions made to a document by displaying the alterations as underlined and struck-through coloured text.
Choosing the “Display for Review” or “No Markup” settings from the menu on Word’s Review tab temporarily hides the tracked changes and shows a clean version of the edited text. However, the insertions and deletions will reappear the next time the file is opened.
To permanently remove all the tracked changes before sending the document on its way, go through the file and accept or reject each change made. (If the document is still a work in progress, you may want to make a duplicate before stripping out the changes.)
You can accept all the changes at once by clicking the Review tab in the Ribbon of controls at the top of the document. On the Review tab, click the arrow next to the Accept icon and choose “Accept All Changes.” Likewise, you can reject all the changes by clicking the arrow next to the Reject icon in the Review tab and selecting the appropriate menu option.

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