Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Promising young vocalist

Young vocalist Dhananjay Hegde presented a Hindustani vocal recital under the aegis of the Sapthak, last week.

Earlier, a CD sung by Dhananjay Hegde, was also released on the occasion. Dhananjay began his music lessons at a tender age, from his mother Geetha Hegde and received advanced training from veteran artiste Pandit Vinayak Toravi.

A postgraduate in Commerce, he is serving in the Karnataka Bank as a branch manager (in Mumbai) and has performed in several music concerts in many parts of the country.

Marva gave Dhananjay a fine start. Beginning with a few sangathies in the Mandra sthayee and rising from swara to swara, Dhananjay presented a good picture of the raga.

Though his voice was not at its best, the elaboration of raga was neat and stood out for its improvisatory skill. Chayanut revealed ample flashes of his talent and thumri in Kaapi was also satisfying. The concluding devaramanama “Sada Enna Hridayadalli” was also pleasing.
Due to cold weather, he was slightly struggling to sing at ease, but the concert also showed his prowess and competence.

Seasoned instrumentalists – Aneesh Pradhan (on tabla) and Sudhir Nayak (on harmonium), who accompanied with efficiency and tonal excellence, gave a lively support to enhance the impact of the concert.

Tradition, beyond borders

Several dance programmes are held in the City by the NRIs. As many as 21 girls from USA presented a Bharathanatya recital, under the aegis of “Funky Guru” at Jagriti theatre.

These girls are being trained in dance under different teachers in America (like New Jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, etc).  Here, Padmini Ravi, senior danseuse, has trained them in a short course and has guided them to improve their performances. In this endeavour, senior musician Neela Ramanuja and young danseuse Lakshmi Khanna, also took an active part to make their training a success.

The girls, in the present performance, had chosen seven items – a regular repertoire of a Bharthanatya recital. Opening with Pushpanjali (Brindavani), they continued with a Swarajathi (Todi).

The main attraction of the programme was that evergreen composition “Jagadanandakaraka,” one of the “Pancharatna Krithies” of Saint Tyagaraja in the raga Naata. The story of Ramayana in this Keertana provides ample opportunity for the dancers to dramatise the situation (story).

Changing the roles in quick succession, some of them rose to the occasion. Most of them are teenagers and have undergone training for a short period and belong to different schools!
At least some of them performed with ease and good expression, while others were tightlipped! With some more training and home work, they can improve on their taala-laya, abhinaya and anga suddhi.

They are deeply interested in classical dance and hence it will not be difficult for them to improvise their talent.

They will reach great heights with continued training. Padmini Ravi’s direction and Neela Ramanuja’s music were two important factors of “Tradition – Beyond Borders.”

Parampara continues

Rajguru Smriti conducts “Parampara” programme every year to highlight the “Guru Sishya Parampara” of the Hindustani music.

This year it conducted a “Goshti” in memory of late Bhanu Thirumala. This time, it was the turn of Pandit Fakeeresh Kanavi of Gulbarga, to present a vocal recital along with his son and disciple Kumar Kanavi and daughter Malashri Kanavi, at the Canara Union Auditorium.

Kumar Kanavi, a postgraduate, chose Raag Madhuvanti and a Khyal. Stressing the Jeeva Swaras, he lent a convincing imagery of the melody.

“Sakalavenage Sri Hariye” of Mahipathi Dasaru was equally attractive. Malashri Kanavi, who has completed her MA and is also pursuing her PhD in Music, gave a colourful picture of Purya Dhanashri.

Malashree concluded with “Sarvathmaka Sarveshvara,” a song from the (stage) theatre music.
With her good voice it was an absorbing listening. Senior musician Pandit Fakeeresh Kanavi opened with Shivaranjini and gradually warmed up, and in Khyal, acquired a special delight at the improvisational flashes.

But it could not rise to expected heights, due to age. Fakeeresh concluded with a Vachana of Basavanna “Neevu Banda Karyakke.”

Panchakshari Kanavi on the tabla and Madhusudhan Bhat on the harmonium – supported the vocalists.

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