Be immersed in purity

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba delivered a powerful soul-stirring message on New Year’s Eve for the year ahead.

It was anchored on the importance of being immersed in purity in thought, word and deed: “I would like my New Year greetings this year to focus on the paramount importance of establishing and sustaining world peace. The entire human race must be welcomed to the world of peace, love, happiness, unity and prosperity.”

“May everybody be blessed and may all humankind be blessed with holy and sacred experiences in the coming year! May everybody be blessed with new elevated experiences that will never end.”  
“Rest assured that Truth will triumph and dharma or righteousness will prevail. All those created living beings who embrace the above principles symbolize the purest of creation.”

“Every single thing in this world is created for a purpose and can be used by humankind. Our purity remains only when we accept pure things.”

“But we must accept only the pure because our purity is our purest possession. We should always keep away from the impure. What we earn in our lives is what we can earn by practicing purity and honesty. We should never keep away from purity and righteousness.”

“You attain divinity when you contemplate purity, when you see purity, when you embrace purity, when you accept only pure creations and when you worship purity. We should always accept only those things that are pure and give away only those things that are pure to our fellowmen. When we realize that pure creations are actually gifts of God, we should accept them in the same spirit.”
“We have been blessed with human life. We create holy things with holy materials. All creations made with purity are doubly effulgent when they are in union with dharma.”

“Dharma prevails when humankind is wedded to Truth in thought and action.  When our actions are strongly anchored upon Truth, then we create conditions that are conducive to the prevalence of dharma.”

“When dharma is practiced diligently in letter and in spirit, it is capable of overcoming all evils that militate against it.”

“Fidelity to dharma invites the protection of dharma. This is why our beliefs should be firmly anchored upon dharma, our actions must reflect the practice of dharma and we must exert all efforts to safeguard truth and dharma.”

“We must pledge ourselves to practice and propagate in a concerted fashion, the sacred principles of Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Religion and translate the dream of a world characterized by peace and non-violence into reality. We should worship the gifts of God including Nature, and all should exhibit a readiness to pray in this spirit as we enter the New Year.”

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