Dhoom inspired phone snatchers held in capital

An uncle-nephew duo, involved in numerous cases of snatching high-end mobile phones in order to sustain their lavish lifestyles, was arrested from Adarsh Nagar in north Delhi.

Police said the duo was fascinated by villains on motorcycles in Bollywood films like ‘Dhoom’ and tried to imitate them in their escapes after committing the crimes.

A Bajaj Pulsor motorcycle was also recovered from the accused. Rehan Mansuri, 19, and his 23-year-old nephew Khalil Mansuri revealed to police in custody that they both came from different towns of Uttar Pradesh to join hands for selling clothes.

However, their desire for expensive and branded clothes was not being met by their business.
“They then decided to snatch expensive mobile phones to sustain their lifestyle. Also fascinated by speed, they chose to commit the crimes on bikes. Their ability to zoom through traffic at high speed made their escape easy,” said Ravindra Yadav, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime).

They were so quick on motorcycles that victims were unable to note the vehicle numbers, making it difficult to identify the culprits.

Though only one motorcycle has been recovered, based on different complaints they have received, police suspect they used multiple vehicles for the crime.

 In case of a woman victim, the accused even planned their crime in such a way that the rider aimed for the victim’s purse while the pillion snatched the mobile phone. They would wait for their prey at less-crowded areas.

When they would find anyone with an expensive mobile phone, they would pursue them till the time the victim began talking on the phone.

As soon as the victim was engrossed in talking, they would catch him/her unaware and zoom away with the catch.

Police said the accused were so confident of their driving skills that in some incidents they even chose to commit the crime without helmets.

Most of the victims told police that they failed to note down the number, but could recognize them as their faces were uncovered.

On Saturday, police learnt that the duo would come near Adarsh Nagar Metro Station. As soon as they arrived there, police arrested them.

Six mobile phones, costing around Rs two lakh, were recovered from them. Police said they have been involved in a total of 12 such crimes.

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