Woman injured in fight, 3 suspects charged with rape

Not gang rape but charged under new law, say police

A 40-year-old woman in Mehrauli has alleged that she was physically attacked by three members of a family over a domestic issue, with one of them sexually assaulting her. The man accused of the sexual assault has been arrested and sent to jail, said police.

In her complaint, the woman said she had frequent quarrels with this family which lived in her compound.

“They often quarreled over drainage and water issues in the compound, quite common in such areas. The enmity between the two groups dated back to many months,” said a police officer.On Monday, the fight allegedly took an uglier turn when the neighbour with his brother and son barged into the victim’s house.

The trio allegedly slapped her around and badly beat her up. “She complained that while beating, one of them injured her private parts,” said the officer. The woman filed a case of rape against the main accused and assault against the two others.

The officer said the assault on the victim’s private parts amounts to rape as per the new laws, and police have pressed rape charges against the accused in keeping with the law.  He, however, clarified that it was not a case of gang rape.
Based on the woman’s complaint, the man accused of rape has been arrested. Police are investigating the case and working to arrest the remaining too as well.

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